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The Original Fishin' Rig 2"
With The Original Fishin' Rig we've taken the most versatile and effective rigging set-up, and put it together FOR you in a pre-tied rig that you can simply attach to your line and GO! This pre-tied rig features an innovative new patented swivel that won’t crank past your rod tip, and a faceted attractor bead that refracts light attracting feeding fish, inciting them to bite! The Original Fishing Rig comes all pre-tied and ready to fish in seconds! Contains a 2" round red-n-white Bobber, 4.5 ft of 20lb test line, #6 hook, sinker, patented custom swivel with one over-sized eyelet, and a faceted attractor bead... all pre-rigged and ready to just attach and fish!
a 2 inch round red-n-white bobber, pre-rigged with line, sinker and hook
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