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from small beginnings to where we are today

When it comes to bobbers, the Boss Bobber stands out as the most advanced and innovative option on the market. With its patented design, it distributes resistance in a unique way, making it incredibly sensitive. Our Lucky Jack line of lighted bobbers and batterystick products, along with our Tackle Beacon and improved Bobber Stop line (patent pending), are extremely popular due to their unmatched quality and innovative features. And let's not forget about our patented Original Beacon lightstick line, which started it all and is now available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and applications. Don't miss out on our new Torchstick line of light sticks either. They perfectly complement our existing 1.5 inch light stick collection. Finally, while you're exploring our website, make sure to check out our Pre-Rig, EZ-flo, and Duz-it-all bobber lines.

what the future has in store

Rod-N-Bobb's is committed to providing fishermen everywhere with the highest quality products. Check back to our website often, as we will continue to introduce new product offerings for you to add to your tackle box. Thank you so much for your patronage, we truly appreciate it.