Zoneloc Anatomy

What Sets Zoneloc Fish Hooks Apart from Traditional Hooks

Zonleoc Hook Anatomy: What makes Zoneloc the Best

Zoneloc is a highly innovative multi-patented hook design that is a true breakthrough when it comes to hook-up ratio and fish retention. There are three new main features that support this breakthrough. First, the fish dump into the main bend quicker. Second, the fish are protected from the barb. Finally, Zoneloc’s offset main bend has been made to keep fish in the “sweet spot” like never before.


Zoneloc’s front length has been made shorter than traditional hooks allowing the fish to dump into the main bend faster. Once into the main bend fish have a much harder time throwing the hook. The main bend has also been offset and extended, which allows fish more room in that bend, or what we like to call Zoneloc’s “sweet spot”.


In the early years of wire hook development, over a century ago, fisherman wanted more retention, thus the barb was created. Manufacturers cut into the side of the wire and simply pulled out that metal to make a barb, this was easy to do and it worked! Although responsible for fish retention, barbs are one of the main reasons for fish loss. In order for a fish to get into the main bend of any hook it has to go over the barb, continue down the front length and into the main bend. Likewise, for the fish to get off the hook it has to come up out of the main bend, back up the front length and over the barb to get off. The fish can’t get over the barb until the sides of the barb have cut the fish enough.

Unlike traditional style hooks, where fish have immediate access to the barb, Zoneloc’s offset main bend helps prevent the fish from being able to get back up to the barb to be cut. Not having direct access to the barb keeps the fish in Zoneloc’s “sweet spot” resulting in much greater fish retention. When a fish originally comes over a barb there’s not much cutting to the fish because the top surface of the barb is usually round and smooth. It’s when the fish tries to get off the hook that they get cut by the barb because the sides of the barbs are razor sharp. Eventually the barb will cut a hole in an active fish, causing fish loss.

When making barbs the idea has always been to strike the side of the wire, pull out the sharp sided barb and call it a day. The problem is, this turns the barb into a sharp flesh cutting machine which causes fish loss to millions of anglers each year. Barbs should have been made dull, but the problem with dulling the barbs edges, is it would be a monumental task because most manufacturers chemically sharpen their hook tips to be as sharp as possible. Dulling the barbs would not only be an incredible undertaking but very costly as well, especially when it comes to smaller barbs. Zoneloc barbs are sharp just like other manufacturers, but with Zoneloc’s innovative offset main bend the “SWEET SPOT” keeps the fish from getting access back up to the barb to be cut, preventing fish loss.


For years the barbs have been responsible for plenty of fish retention but now Zoneloc’s offset bend, the “sweet spot” offers an additional means of retention. The barb, instead of being the first and only means of retention, now plays a back-up role and is the SECOND MEANS of retention. So, unlike traditional hooks that only have one form of retention, Zoneloc now has TWO!