Bobber Stops & Beads

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Many times fishermen discard the typical non-slotted bobber stop sleeve the wrong way only to have to start their rigging process all over. With Rod-N-Bobb's slotted sleeves this can never happen because our sleeve can be discarded either direction successfully via the patented slotted design! The sleeve can also stay on the line until the entire slip-rig is assembled, a prime advantage when trying to rig your line in windy environments.

What sets our Bobber Stops apart:

  • Our sleeves can be discarded either direction on the line due to the slot
  • Braided string eliminates annoying unravelling
  • Vibrant colors make it easy to see
  • Includes everything you need: the bobber stop, slotted sleeve, and a glow-in-the-dark bead

Contents: bobber stops and glow in the dark beads