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3-In-One Weighted Bobber

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Introducing our innovative 3-In-One weighted fishing bobber - your ticket to fishing like a pro! Experience the benefits of a weighted fishing bobber, providing improved casting accuracy and distance. Paired with our patented dual-slot rigging system and the center channel, this bobber offers versatility like never before.

Superior Control: The added weight gives you better control over your casts, gets the bobber upright faster, and the added mass gives you an edge on distance casting, making that fish within reach of your hook!
Versatile Rigging: With our patented dual-slot system, you can switch between fixed float, bottom slip, or center slip rigging with ease.
Increased Catch Rate: The versatile rigging options maximizes your chances of luring in fish, improving your odds with every cast.

It's not just a bobber; it's your secret weapon for a record catch!

Contents: Weighted Bobber