Catfish Sponge Hooks

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Discover the ultimate catfish hook solution with our spring dough bait treble hooks featuring an absorbent sponge. These hooks are engineered for your success, offering a reliable grip on your bait and a dependable hook on your fish!

How to use:

  1. Push Bait Onto Lure: Start by pushing your preferred catfish bait onto the hook's sponge attachment. The sponge absorbs and holds your bait securely.
  2. Cover Bait Hook Completely: Ensure the bait fully covers the hook. This conceals the hook and attracts catfish with the scent of the bait.
  3. Rebait for Best Results: To maintain bait freshness and effectiveness, consider rebaiting your hook regularly. Fresh bait is more enticing and leads to more bites.

Maximize your chances of landing those trophy catfish with our #4 and #6 sponge hooks! 

Contents: 3 Catfish Sponge Hooks - #4 Treble Hooks