Catfish Spring Dough Bait Hooks

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These #4 or #6 spring dough bait treble hooks will be your trusted choice for landing catfish! Designed to securely hold your dough bait, these hooks will make your setup easy and reliable. The #4 and #6 hook size is perfect for targeting catfish, and the spring will keep your bait attached to the hook, enticing a strong bite! Increase your odds of a successful catfishing outing with these spring dough bait treble hooks.

How to Use:

  1. Press Bait Onto Treble Hook: Push your preferred dough bait onto the spring treble hook, making sure it forms into and around the spring, locking it on securely.
  2. Cover the Hook Completely: Form your dough bait into a pear-shaped ball that covers the hook, disguising the sharp points and maximizing the scent attraction of the bait.
  3. Re-bait for Best Results: Periodically check your bait to ensure it is still intact and fresh. Repair or replace dough bait as needed to maintain optimal appeal to catfish.

Contents: 3 Catfish Spring Dough Bait Hooks - #4 Treble Hooks