Catfish Sticky Worm - Pre-Tied - #4 Treble Hook

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Our catfish sticky worm lures are your ultimate catfishing weapon for efficient and successful angling! These pre-tied lures feature a tubie worm paired with an absorbent sponge by the #4 treble hook, maximizing your bait's appeal and longevity. With four vibrant color options to choose from, you have the versatility to select the perfect match for your fishing conditions.

  • Green: This color can mimic the highly effective Catalpa worm bait, enticing catfish to strike.
  • Red: Known to trigger a catfish's predatory instincts to strike at a wounded prey.
  • Blue: Veteran anglers swear that dark colors outperform brighter lures in dark or murky waters, drawing out catfish from the depths.
  • Yellow: Perfect when fishing in bright clear water, catfish can associate the bright color with shad, a favored meal.

Enhance your catfishing and increase your catch rate with Tackle Beacon's catfish sticky worm lures. A must-have for any catfish angler!