DUZ-it-ALL Bulk Slip Bobber

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Rod-N-Bobb's DUZ-it-ALL bobber is a all-in-one combination bobber! Fixed float and slip float fishing is possible with our molded slot for fixed fishing. Some manufacturers have opted to cut into the stem to create a slot, then add a spring for fixed fishing. However a cut slot is abrasive to lines, reducing the life of your setup. DUZ-it-ALL's fixed bottom employs a smooth molded slot which is line friendly!

The metal eyelet eliminates the possibility of 'grooving' the top of the stem, which impedes line flow. In addition, the included bead has a larger opening for quick line flow on every cast.

Finally, DUZ-it-ALL is a bobber that eliminates the need to buy multiple bobbers that crowd your tackle box.

Contents: Contains 1 Bobber