The Original Fishin' Rig Glow

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With The Original Fishing Rig Glow we've taken the most versatile and effective rigging set-up, and put it together FOR you in a pre-tied rig that you can simply attach to your line and GO! It features an innovative new patented swivel that won’t crank past your rod tip! With the included Original Glow Bobber, we took the traditional red and white round bobber and brought it into the modern age by making it light up when it contacts water! The original Glow Bobber offers 30+ hours of in-the-water battery light! The faceted attractor bead refracts light attracting feeding fish, inciting them to bite! Contains a lighted red and white round Glow Bobber, 4.5 ft of 20lb test line, #6 hook, sinker, patented custom swivel with one over-sized eyelet, and a faceted attractor bead... all pre-rigged and ready to just attach and fish!