Zoneloc Wide Gap Magnum Worm

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The patented Zoneloc® Wide Gap Magnum Worm Hook was specially developed to hook and hold big bass--and the name says it all. This is an upsized, enhanced-strength hook designed for getting monster bass out of heavy cover and into the boat. Its unique bend provides just the right amount of flex on the hookset to ensure strong penetration, while the wide gap design provides extra clearance when using bulky softbaits. Made of extra-strong steel and chemically treated for surgical sharpness, the Zoneloc® Wide Gap Magnum Hook offers "no escape" for even the toughest fighters, ideal for thick creature baits and tubes.

  • Specially designed to hook and hold big bass
  • Wide gap design provides clearance for bulky softbaits
  • Upsized and strength-enhanced for pulling bass from cover
  • 5 hooks per package

Contents: 5 Zoneloc Fish Hooks